Dionisi Property Search Ltd (DIONISI) is a UK property agency catering for the ever-expanding number of people looking to buy a home in Italy.

For several years there has been a dramatic increase in the foreign interest in Italian property generally; however we have seen that a lot of these foreign buyers do not take advantage of local agents (perfectly placed to find the best deals, both in terms of prices and properties), preferring to employ the services of an agent from their own country (who they feel familiar with and speak the same language as). Unfortunately, this often meant foreign “marked up” prices for properties and services.

DIONISI has tried to solve this dilemma. We are a UK-registered company recognised under Italian law to act as a property agent in Italy. This is an arrangement that brings great benefits to our clients, who can this way take advantage of the best services.

Our offices in Italy are staffed by local professionals in every field of property, with many years experience and extremely good local contacts.

We take pride in finding our clients the best properties at the best prices.



Director - C.E.O.

  • Emanuele Dionisi: studied architecture in Florence , managed his family's construction firms (Dionisi Costruzioni and Beni Stabili), and has many years experience in every side of the property sector. He will evaluate the properties for sale and assists the clients through the main phases of the purchase process. Emanuele Dionisi at the Chamber of Commerce of Rieti is enrolled with n. 118 in the list of Property Agents and with n. 65 in the list of surveyors and experts, section "Estimation and valuation of buildings".



  • Anita Serva – Degree in Oriental languages ​​- Chinese – at University "La Sapienza" of Rome. Is involved in the development of the Chinese market. Translations and interpretation with foreign customers.
  • Giovanni Ghisu - Architect


Websites Staff:

  • Mihai Olaru, Responsible for the management and the programming of the DIONISI'S websites;
  • Costinel Ghità, has considerable experience with information systems, and is responsible for the programming and managing the dedicated DIONISI server; he created the DIONISI website database and the webdesign, using MySQL and PHP technology;
  • Krebs Kristina Arabella, Virtual Tours realization.